Nation's Sanctuary

Nation’s Sanctuary

Establishing Details

Seoul National Cemetery is the nation’s sanctuary where the patriotic martyrs and the souls of all the fallen heroes rest in peace who gave up their noble lives for the protection and the development of their homeland.

It is the place filled with the spirit of the Korean people and their determination to protect their homeland that overcame the national crisis. It is a 353 acre homey and comfortable patriots park which surrounds 3 sides as if the spiritual ridge of Dongjak topped by Gongjak Peak on the lower slope of Mt. Gwanak sets up a folding screen and of which the Han River is meandering in front. Here rest in peace many patriotic martyrs and the souls of all the fallen heroes including:

the loyal troops resistance to Japan in the late period of Chosun, the patriots who fought against Japan for independence of their homeland, the men of national merit who sacrificed their entire lives for the development of the country and a prosperity of the nation, soldiers, policemen, and army reservists who died fighting gloriously to save the country at the time of the war invaded by enemies, and three former presidents of the Republic of Korea.