Memorial Services on Memorial Day

Memorial Services on Memorial Day1

The Memorial Day is the day when we nationally cherish the memory of people who gave up their only one life and dead for the nation and meditate the noble spirits. To pray for the repose of patriotic martyrs and patriots’ souls who contributed and sacrifice for the nation and to raise the patriotism of the people, government established the Memorial Day on June 6 in 1956 and has been carrying out the Memorial Day ceremony. On the day, 3 figures of each branch(the chiefs of the judicial, executive, and legislative branches of the government), each minister, senior civil servant, chairman of each government-operated-enterprise and head of each social organization lay flowers, burn incense and cherish the memory of the patriots at the Memorial Tower. Many families of the deceased and worshipers pay their respects at each grave on the day.

For this, Seoul National Cemetery mows the lawn neatly, clean up surrounding environment, change the funeral flowers, and clean up the graveyards to prepare the ceremony. Organizations from all works of life have worship ceremony at the Memorial Tower during the Memorial Day worship week.

Memorial Services on Memorial Day2