Memorial Activities

Seoul National Cemetery runs various memorial activities to introduce the great achievements of the buried people and have patriotism to growing future generation and the people, while we enshrine meritorious citizens who sacrificed for the nation and cherish their sacrifice and great achievements.

‘Love My Country’ Program
‘Love My Country’ activities and work-study program are education for elementary, middle and high school students. It gives a chance to think about love of country and to introduce the sacrifice and the great achievements of the buried people through worship the Memorial Tower, touring the Photographic and Relics Exhibition House, watching the Patriotic Film, visiting the Graveyards, etc. We also run various professional education programs: Visiting security site(visiting the DMZ and the Second Fleet), the national symbol work-study(learning about Taegeukgi, Korean flag, and the national anthem), and patriotic lecture(inviting outside lecturer).
Seoul National Cemetery Event and Festival
Seoul National Cemetery is always open to the people and holds various events. We hold The Weeping Cherry Festival in April when the weeping cherry blossoms are in full bloom and The Fall Colors Festival in November when the leaves turn red and yellow; many visitors visit Seoul National Cemetery. We also annually hold National Patriotic Literary Writing Contest and Seoul National Cemetery Drawing Contest for elementary, middle and high schools on May, the Korean War event on June and the Mugunghwa, rose of Sharon, Festival, etc. Seoul National Cemetery tries to make open places and think of the buried people and love of country through the festivals and events with people.
Volunteer work and floral tribute event
Seoul National Cemetery is the living patriotic educational site for the growing future generations and the national sanctuary which we should protect and preserve. So, we take volunteer works to protect, preserve and remember Seoul National Cemetery as well as do educational programs.
Clean-up the graveyards and cleaning grave stones in the graveyards are run by students’ voluntary application. ‘Seoul National Cemetery Keeper’ was organized in 2006 and now runs to maintain the order in the cemetery and keep the worship environment. We also carry out the graveyard floral tribute event and clean-up activity regularly through the graveyard sisterhood relationship with social organizations.