Convenient Facilities & Civil Service Offices

General Civil Service Office
General Civil Service Office is the building on the right side of the Seoul National Cemetery front gate. Here we take civil appeal and handling about Seoul National Cemetery from the bereaved families and the worshippers. The old civil service office which was built in August 15, 1968 was too old and small. So, after five months construction, from end of August to end of May in 2011, the existing Civil Service Office was new built on January 31, 2012.
The new General Civil Service Office is adopted traditional Hanok(Korean –style house) construction techniques. It was considered to represent the Korean styled beauty with Korean style of architecture. It is built with offices, Customer Service Center, Lounge(Lactation Room), and Public Library. Its area is 4795 sqft.
Meeting Plaza(Cafeteria, Flower shop)
Seoul National Cemetery is the place where many the bereaved families and the worshippers. So we run ‘Meeting Plaza’ to provide them with convenience.
We demolished the old building and built the Meeting Plaza newly in December, 2013. It was constructed with modern structure and used Hanok roof tile method of construction to represent the Korean traditional styled beauty. It was also designed to be in harmony with environment.
Meeting Plaza has 2 stories(one basement) and the total floor space is 16297 sqft. It is a complex facility including restaurant with 200 seats, cafeteria, flower shop, book store and Patriots Exhibition.
  • - Cafeteria : 02-817-7509
  • - Restaurant: Open: 11 a.m. / Close: 4 p.m.(Wed.-Sun.) / Menu(Hot Pot(Ttukbaegi) Bulgogi, Pork Cutlet(Dongaseu), U-dong(noodle))
  • - Flower shop : 02-596-7800
Management Office
Through the front gate of Seoul National Cemetery, the Management Office is on the left side of Chungseong Fountain Tower. It is a 2-story building. On the first floor, there are Maintenance Division(administration, facilities), Hyunchung Division(divine service, memorial), and Hyunchung Head Office. On the second floor, there are Management Division, Management Head Office, Director Office, and Facility room. On the left side of the Management Office building, there is 2-story detached office building. Security Guards Office and Central Headquarter are in the building.
Pavilion and Rest Place
Seoul National Cemetery has preserved for 60 years. It provides a natural rest place which has a thick forest in the city. In the Seoul National Cemetery, there are lots of pavilions and benches for the worshippers and the visitors.
Especially, Hyunchungji which is next to the Meeting Plaza, Gongjakji and memorial forest which are next to the Gravesite of President Park Chung-Hee, and Solne Rest Place are the popular place where visitors and worshippers visit in all seasons